Urban Canoe Trip

This project will be realized on weekdays between May 22 and June 6, 2008. A trip by canoe will be taken over a 12 day period starting from the foot of Bathurst Street. The journey will continue along Lake Ontario to the Etobicoke Creek (border with Mississauga).  The trip route will crisscross Toronto using the major streams and rivers in the city (Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, Humber River, Don River, Highland Creek and Rouge River). After traveling the Rouge north to Steeles Avenue the canoe will be paddled back to the foot of Bathurst Street. At times, in order to cross from one river system to another, the canoe will be portaged along city streets/parks.

Check back in May when images from the trip will be posted here along with a trip map.

If you would like to spend a day paddling the rivers and streams of Toronto at the end of May or early June, please e-mail Michael at michaeljeremybrown@gmail.com.